Puppy Contract



Cedar Lake Doodles Puppy Contract

This agreement is made this ______day of ____________ , _______ , and is between Cedar Lake Doodles (seller) and the buyer _____________________________________________. Buyer agrees to obtain from the seller a Goldendoodle; Sex_____________ Size______________ Color______________________ collar color_____________ Born on_________________ for the amount of $____________. Payment in full must be made prior to taking ownership. Microchip number-

Health Guarantee – The seller guarantees against any genetic defects that severely affects the quality of life of the puppy or causes the death of the puppy, until puppy reaches two years of age. Seller will refund buyer 100% of the purchase price minus the deposit. Buyer must provide proof in writing from a licensed veterinarian (at buyers expense). For hips & elbows buyer must provide proof from OFA or PennHIP (at buyers expense). For eyes an ophthalmologist and heart a cardiologist. Seller must be granted access to all veterinary records, starting from the date of this contract. Seller has the right to a second opinion (at sellers expense). This guarantee will be extended until puppy reaches 3 years of age, if puppy is fed PawTree food and NuVet vitamins for the duration of the 3 years. Both must be purchased from our website for tracking purposes.

The seller certifies that upon receipt, the puppy is in good health, and has been immunized and wormed, according to accompanying health record. The puppy has the following conditions now________________ __________________________ , and are excluded from any guarantee. Any condition that is minor, correctable, or will go away as the puppy gets older, are not covered. This includes overbites, underbites, base narrow, or any issue with the teeth. The seller is not responsible for any harm that comes to the puppy, once it leaves our premises. The buyer agrees to take proper care of the puppy. Including; feeding a quality food, regular veterinarian care, appropriate vaccinations and preventative medications, provide a safe environment, housing indoors, refrain puppy from any strenuous excercise, and excessive jumping until one year of age. If the puppy is found to be in poor health, the buyer will return the puppy (at buyers expense) with no refund to buyer. This contract is void if puppy is given any chewable medication for flea & tick medication.

Rehoming – If for any reason you are unable to keep or care for your puppy, we will take the puppy back, no questions asked and no refund will be given. Under no circumstance will the puppy be placed in an animal shelter, pet store, puppy mill, or any other similar establishment.

Spay / Neuter – This puppy is being sold as pet ONLY. Buyer agrees to have the puppy spayed/neutered by 8 months of age. No exceptions. Proof of spay/neuter must be in writing by a licensed veterinarian by 8 months. Failure to comply will be considered breach of contract, the health guarantee will be void, and Buyer agrees to pay a $30,000 fine including all court costs and attornney fees. Buyer will also return the puppy (at buyers expense) to the seller. All contract disputes will be handled in the County of Washington, in the State of Wisconsin. Microchips will be transferred at 8 months, providing that we have proof of spay/neuter.

All parties have read and understood, and agreed to this contract in full, by signing below,

Seller______________________________________ Buyer_______________________________________