Guardian Homes

Guardian homes can be a great opportunity for the right family. We will be looking to place future puppies into our guardian program. As much as we would like to keep all of our breeding dogs in our home, we want them all to receive as much attention as possible. Just like any of our puppies, we want them to be placed with a family, who will love and care for them, like we would.

How our guardian program works; Guardian dogs are placed with their guardian family with no charge for the puppy. The guardian family will also be compensated $500 for every litter produced ( for females ).  The puppy will be health tested, to assure that it qualifies for our breeding program. If for some reason, the puppy does not qualify, the guardian family will have the puppy spayed/neutered, the contract will be terminated, and the guardian family will have complete ownership of the puppy. Puppies that qualify, will need to be made available for breeding, when they reach the appropriate age, health testing, and any other breeding related appointments. For female guardian dogs, when it is time for whelping the puppies, the guardian dog will have to stay with us for approximately 6 weeks. Once the puppies are weaned, the guardian dog will go home to their family. There will be a specific guardian contract per puppy. Depending on female, and how many litters, or male, and a specified amount of time.

Guidelines to qualify for a guardian home; Guardian families may not have any dog in their home that isn’t spayed/neutered, or expose the guardian dog to any intact dog outside of their home. You must provide a safe and healthy environment for the dog, including a fenced yard, life’s abundance food and vitamins, all natural treats, heartworm preventive, etc. You must live within 30 minutes of our home, and be flexible for dropping off and picking up the dog, for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping puppies.

The benefits of being a guardian family; Guardian families receive a puppy at no charge, and receive a bonus for every litter produced ( for females ). Your puppy will be our “pick of the litter”. We pay for all of your puppy’s first vaccinations, and spay/neuter for qualified breeding dogs, at the end of the contract. We also offer a great discount for a second puppy, as a pet, or another free puppy as a second guardian dog.

If you are interested in our guardian program, let us know. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. When we have available puppies, our “pick of the litter” will be posted here.