Welcome to Cedar Lake Doodles!

Cedar lake doodles is a small in home breeder located in southeast Wisconsin. We specialize in Standard, Medium, Mini, and Petite Goldendoodles. We offer a wide variety of colors, including English cream, black, chocolate, sable, merle, and phantom, in solid and parti colored patterns. We also breed Golden Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles.  We will have the stunning black and whites, chocolate and whites, tri-colored, and sable. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home, where they get the best of everything. Our goal at Cedar Lake Doodles is to breed only healthy, happy puppies. All of our dogs are OFA/Evet, Cerf and vet health tested and all of our puppies are socialized from the day they are born. Through DNA testing, we will be testing our dogs for coat and color, so we can better predict our upcoming puppies, and for health. We will be testing for everything breed related, that we can possibly test for. Our Wisconsin state kennel license is #403567-DS.


Please check out our Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. We post updated pictures and videos daily. 

We are currently looking for Guardian homes. In the future we will also need homes for a variety of colors and sizes, doodles and poodles. If you live close to us, and would like more information on a free puppy, please let us know. Check out the guardian page for what’s available. 

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We have partnered with Baxter and Bella to help families achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship. Check out the online classes and lifetime membership at www.baxterandbella.com. Use the code Cedar Lake to receive 25% off .






Call Us Toll Free: (800) 474-7044Order Code: 73928Save 15% with Autoship
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